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The Deadpool ‘Test Footage’ Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

To be honest, it is hard to know what the truth is. The current story is that the footage was stolen by hackers and coincidentally happened to be leaked at the same time as San Diego Comic-Con. The problem with that is that the explanation seems to be “According to sources” and not much more. The other day, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld tweeted “Whoever goes to jail for leaking that footage.. Thank You!” which may add some credence to that. Twentieth Century Fox has also started forcing the videos to be pulled across the web. Another strong point is that there was a 4chan thread claiming to have the footage and asking for help leaking it. Shortly after, it popped up on multiple video sites.

The thing to remember is that “leaking” footage can be a marketing tactic to gauge response or build hype. Be it by a creator, studio or publisher. On a project that “seems to be in limbo” according to Ryan Reynolds in recent interviews, it isn’t absurd to think this could have been intentional. 

Facts according to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld:

  • Ryan Reynolds came in and actually shot motion capture footage for it while recording the dialog and this was done “3 years ago this summer”. 
  • It is planned to be a PG-13 movie and not R rated. 
  • The script for it is ”100% original and not based on any existing storyline”.
  • This is what Rob Liefeld thinks Captain America looks like. 

The reality for a lot of Deadpool fans seems to be ‘Who cares. We got to see it.” and at this point, we kind of agree.